Permanent roles

We’re currently on the look out for:

Other jobs

Follow us @PokeStudio for job postings. If you’re too stubborn and brilliant to wait for an opening, you can always email iwantajob@pokelondon.com. We do receive quite a few "Iwantajobs" and can't respond to everyone that gets in touch so apologies in advance. Thank you and we do look forward to hearing from you - honest!

Freelancers and interns

We’re always looking for new talent. Get in touch at freelancers@pokelondon.com or interns@pokelondon.com.

...but please, no recruiters

You're expensive and some of you are really horrible too. There probably are ways to make us your friends. But if you were any good you'd have figured them out by now.

Partners & collaborators

It goes without saying that we love working with other agencies and studios – drop us a line if you’d like to work with us.



If you’re interested in hiring us - and you want us to explain all that soup talk on the about page - please get in touch.