The brief:

Communicate the ‘Unlimited’ message that Orange was using to unify their mobile data and broadband offers.

Poke’s answer:

We built the world’s first ‘unlimited’ website – one that visitors could never reach the bottom of. It was a playful, sharable idea that provoked people to try to ‘beat it’.

Nitty gritty

We wanted to ensure the simplicity of the idea didn’t lead to a shallow experience. So we created mini-games and interactive toys (helping to promote the concept of abundance) and keeping interest going. We used a design element from Fallon’s above the line work – a rainbow – to integrate with the TV ad. Co-created by artist Marius Watz, our rainbow regenerated itself as users travelled down the bottomless page


We aimed for 20 minutes engagement with little or no repetition of content. In action, the page perpetually extended itself so you could never reach the bottom, and although it was created in Flash, we ensured that it reacted like a conventional page. To do this, variations of browser furniture were served to create fake native scroll bars that behaved in the appropriate way for each browser and platform. For this concept to work, it had to be perceived as a “page” in order for the concept to have credibility.


  • Working with star animator REX who went on to create Little Big Planet.
  • Being nominated and exhibited at the Brit Insurance Designs of The Year Exhibition at the Design Museum, London.
  • Being selected for the Talk to Her exhibition at MoMA in NYC in 2011.

  • Hearing stories about people trying to ‘game’ the website by leaving books on their keyboards overnight to try to get to the bottom.

What happened

Over a million unique visits
- 650,000 users used the Unlimited Bebo skin.

68,000 content elements shared across social networks

4,332 doodles drawn, 13,860 ice creams made, 9,687 messages left... 


  • Webby Awards
    Webby Awards

    Winner ‘'Design Aesthetic' website’ 2008

  • Creative Annual Review
    Creative Annual Review

    Winner ‘Best in Book’ 2008

  • One Show Interactive
    One Show Interactive

    Silver Pencil Winner ‘Consumer Microsites’ 2008

  • Art Directors Club
    Art Directors Club

    Silver Cube ‘Best Microsites’ 2008

  • Cyberlions

    Silver Lion ‘Telecomms websites & microsites’ 2008

  • The Clios
    The Clios

    Bronze Winner ‘Best Microsites’ 2008

  • BIMA

    Overall Winner ‘BTC Websites’ 2008

  • IAB

    Winner ‘'Best Creative' ’ 2007

  • IAB

    Winner ‘'Best Campaign'’ 2007