Fit Your Attitude

The brief:

Diesel’s restyled range of ‘Fit Your Attitude’ jeans needed a digital campaign that showed just how well they fit women’s lifestyle as well as their bodies.

Poke’s answer:

A playful, dynamic social platform using dedicated algorithms to analyse social media data and connect women with the jeans that fit them best.

Nitty gritty

Women shopping for denim are confronted by a huge range of choice: styles, cuts, washes, sizes. And in spite of this, quite often, they just don’t fit – making shopping for denim a disappointing chore.

Diesel started from the ground up to redesign their women’s jeans, drawing on measurements of hundreds of women to get the fit just right. But the ‘Fit Your Attitude’ range isn’t just about size: they’re also designed to precisely complement the wearer’s way of life. 

And that’s where we came in: building a social platform that would show off the cut of each style of jeans as well as the cut of their jib.  Confronting the challenge of finding the right jeans head-on and turning the shopping process into a pleasure.

Using Twitter and Instagram, the platform (built by our social data-crunching friends Smesh) connects women with the jeans that best fit their attitudes. Putting the product in the context of their daily lives. 

And for a little location-based competitive edge, we also designed the system to use the social data to rank cities by the attitudes of the women living in them. To make sure we’ve got the social references spot-on, we’ve got teams of people from around the world on board to keep track of what everyone’s talking about.


  • Watching the social data stream in from all corners of the globe. And then watching capital cities around the world vie for supremacy in the rankings.
  • Generating lists of search terms for our search engine to crawl for – and then getting them translated in to six different languages.
  • Creating a system that fostered natural relationships between users and products.

What happened

The project’s still live – we’ll update with results as they roll in.