Here's to the superfast future

We’ve been working away, behind closed doors, in anticipation of the EE announcement, but now we’re live to the world and very excited to be so.

We have been busy preparing the launch of their social channels — Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

EE’s a brand new name in the marketplace. But it’s emerging at a key moment in the history of technological development, which we’ve charted in its Facebook timeline.

In addition to this, we’ve also developed a suite of monitoring tools to track the chatter responding to the EE news, responding in near-real time on pressing questions from how to pronounce EE to how to navigate 4G (including one that was dedicated to Boris Johnson after his presentation at the Science Museum). And from the first person to post on our timeline to the first person to create an EE-inspired masterpiece, we’re celebrating all kinds of #EEfirsts.

The public brand launch will happen later in the year; until then, the social channels will be the primary means for communicating with the public, with all hands on deck.

It’s terrific to be part of something significant — and to see all our work with the Poke EE team, clients and partners come to fruition. Here’s to the superfast future.

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