Hack Day,
the board game

We’ve just completed our fourth annual Hack Day; downing our tools on client projects for 24 hours to work on a challenge of our own.

As in previous years, all of our product development, user experience, copywriting, branding and UX design skills were put to the test. However, this time it was a resolutely analogue challenge: board games.

The rules were simple. Each game had to feature a board, fit in the box provided and be fully understandable from the instructions in the box alone. Other than that the only limit was the (unhinged and occasionally bewildering) imagination of the teams.

A day later we had a lot of tired Pokers and seven amazingly well made games ready for play (and judging).

Every team played and marked each game out of ten for fun, clarity and shelf appeal. An afternoon of laughs, snacks and distinctly warped gameplay followed. People stole treasure, kept up with each other via Faceboard and even went on a shamanistic, spirit-travelling mushroom adventure. All without getting out of their chairs.

In summary: good games, good games.

Watch Out Willy
Conquer your fears inside Cheyney’s Palace

A game of deprived fun

The Hand Job
Are you the fastest thief in the land?

The LOL game for BFF’s

Mayan Escape
Say goodbye to your kids

You Must Be Pokin’
Gather your team in a race for the pub

Shroom Raider
The role-playing-pop-up game with a magical mushroom and everything

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