Poke popped into existence in 2001

Back then the web was a curious, frightening thing that people nudged with sticks and whispered about. But a lot’s changed.

‘Digital’ stopped being a thing and instead flows through all things, changing them forever and creating countless new connections that melt their edges irreversibly.

This new cultural soup brings with it intimidating complexity, but exciting opportunities. POKE has been built to make sense of it all and come out smiling.

There is no longer a clear distinction between marketing, products and services. Everything competes with everything else, for attention and the chance to deliver value. We work with, rather than against that truth.

We build simple things and complex, living systems and we’re proud to say you won’t always be able to tell which is which. Big, small, sexy, sensible—whatever works.

We’re smart, creative, nerdy and nice. There are 50 of us in our London office, not to mention a host of talented collaborators dotted around the world.

Drawings by Pokers Rebecca, Ben, Katie and Rob; self-portraits by those who could be bothered.