The rise of the modern family

Family is a loaded word, so it’s no surprise popular culture in general, and advertising in particular, tends to steer towards a very narrow definition of it. Here's a bit of our email discussion around why so many brands shy away from same-sex couples or and modern families. 

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To Westeros and beyond

Turned by a White Walker. Torched by a dragon. Whatever your fancy, we’re incredibly excited that our work with Publicis and PBJS is live, now, at  Sky Backstage at The O2. ​The feedback already has been lovely. 

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Stephen Fry's Magical Bow Tie

We had a great time on Sunday bringing the red carpet closer to viewers at the EE BAFTAs. Last year we had a pair of helpful robots bridging the gap between home interviewer and celebrity, and this year live-streaming cameras brought you even closer to the action - such as Stephen Fry’s bow-tie cam as he prepped for his performance. 

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How to make a moonshot

Last year we had some of the most abstract, inspiring and spectacular meetings in Poke history, working on the early stages of a restructure of Solve for X, Google’s collaborative platform for bringing the globe's brightest minds and institutions together to solve the world’s big problems through “moonshot" ideas. It’s great to see it’s now live and thriving. If you’re sitting on a moonshot that could benefit from huge thinking and skills pooled from across the planet, now could be your massive moment!

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When You Play the Game of Thrones

When you think about POKE and the work we do, we doubt the first thing that comes to mind are massive, physical exhibitions. You’d be forgiven if this was the case, but when the chance to work with HBO on their Game of Thrones™ Exhibition came up, we couldn’t let it pass. 

Our task was fiendishly simple - make the travelling exhibition of the world’s best loved show even more exciting and shareable in the run up to season 5. And with our partners at Publicis and PBJS, we did this in the only way that seemed true to the source material: by placing people in as dangerous situations as possible (digitally, of course).

You’ll need to wait until the show rolls out to see the final results, but in the meantime you can check out the site and even register for some exclusive content (unfortunately tickets were snapped up in just two hours.)


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